1450 Nest

A world of wonder awaits

Introducing K1450 Nest, a vibrant and dynamic addition to the renowned Kolašin 1450 ski resort in Montenegro.


Embrace the thrill of active living

1450 Nest is part of the established Kolašin 1450 - one of the oldest and most famous Montenegrin ski resorts.

Its vibrant community-oriented atmosphere and nightlife make it ideal for those seeking a lively, active and energetic setting. Here you can indulge in the ultimate social experience.


The perfect balance of adventure and relaxation

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Montenegro’s favourite ski destination is now also a home to a world-class resort with elegant mountain residences, world-class hospitality offerings, awe-inspiring natural abundance, and a range of exhilarating activities. The range of stylish accommodations includes lavish mountain chalets and cosy apartments.

Grand Chalet

Grand Chalet presents a serene synthesis of mountain indulgence with 116 meticulously crafted residences complimented by retail facilities and seamless ski slope access.



A place of absolute distinction


Unforgettable journey begins here

Prepare to be pampered at the Grand Chalet, the inaugural property among our distinguished hotel collection, nestled in the heart of the exhilarating 1450 Nest. This magnificent hotel has been meticulously designed to provide an unparalleled experience, tailored for your ultimate comfort and delight.

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For outdoor enthusiasts, 1450 Nest is a paradise of energy. Embark on thrilling hikes. Mountain bike through scenic trails. Or experience the thrill of horseback riding. And when winter arrives, seize the opportunity to conquer the slopes of our exceptional ski resort.

Get ready to experience the pinnacle of luxury and hospitality amidst the stunning beauty of Kolašin. Be among the first to reserve your stay and embark on an unforgettable winter getaway!

above sea level

The perfect balance of adventure and relaxation

Embrace the next hotspot for active living, where every need is meticulously catered to. With exclusive ski-in and ski-out facilities, you can seamlessly dive into exhilarating slopes.

Discover a home where your dreams of a mountain paradise come to life. 


Range of stylish accommodations include lavish mountain chalets and cosy apartments


40 km of ski trails


Wealth of natural wonders include six lakes, countless viewpoints, traditional traditional mountain villages (katun), and majestic peaks over 2000 metres high


Busy community and nightlife with shops, bars and restaurants


Spa facilities

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