Kolašin Valleys

The Setting to an Unimaginable Life

Welcome to Kolašin Valleys - the hidden gem that awaits your discovery. 

The Pinnacle of Privilege

A destination that sets new benchmarks for alpine living

Kolašin Valleys is an avant-garde mountain residential development set to become the premier ski hub in the Adriatic region and the first ski-in/ski-out destination in Montenegro.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, and crafted to perfection by a group of truly Montenegrin investors with proven track records, Kolašin Valleys exceeds expectations and provides a sanctuary that feels uniquely yours.

A Life of Wonder

A life full of richer connections, choices
and comforts

Escape to a tranquil oasis surrounded by lush greenery and protective mountains. Winter allows for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country exploits, snowshoeing and more. Summer sees you heading into the canyons, rivers and lakes, or diving into the Adriatic Sea.

The Undiscovered Skiing Hotspot

Europe’s best-kept ski secret, and a place now ready to be discovered

Kolašin Valleys offers two connected, yet distinct, villages: 1450 Nest and K16 Peak. Both are ski-in ski-out destinations. Inspired by their respective elevations of 1450m and 1600m above sea level, these resorts offer a new standard of mountain luxury.

1450 Nest

Discover new

1450 Nest is part of the established Kolašin 1450 - one of the oldest and most famous Montenegrin ski resorts. Its vibrant community-oriented atmosphere and nightlife make it ideal for those seeking a lively, active and energetic setting. Here you can indulge in the ultimate social experience. 

Discover 1450 Nest

K16 Peak

Discover new

With ski trails seamlessly integrated throughout the resort, enjoy the convenience of ski-in and ski-out accommodations, situated at an impressive elevation of 1600 meters.

Discover K16 Peak

Rewards of ownership

Pioneering the future of Montenegro's north

Kolašin Valleys is a gateway to personal prosperity on every level, a wise investment in your own thriving future. Set to become a premium destination for leisure, adventure and investment – it will be able to offer a year-round experience that few others can. 

master plan

A place to grow

At Kolašin Valleys, the region’s history, wild wonders and sensory gifts are the backdrop to elegant homes, wide-ranging amenities, exclusive service, cultural experiences and boundless adventures. These sit within two mountain villages: 1450 Nest and K16 Peak.


Montenegro's foremost investment group

The development is led by Montenegro's premium investment group, the driving force behind numerous hospitality resorts, spearheading transformative developments in the country.

Our vision is focused on creating a sustainable future, where growth and preservation go hand in hand. Join us on our journey to shape a greener and more prosperous tomorrow.


By partnering with Ecosign, Kolašin Valleys will grow in a way that’s considerate to the environment and our residents.

Every want and wish will be catered for, but nothing will be overdeveloped and nowhere will be oversaturated.


Unlike the country’s coastal towns and developments, the north of Montenegro remains beautifully untouched and remarkably untapped

Our mission is to release its potential, albeit in a manner that’s both creative and gentle.